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Jenn's POWER Smoothie

This is one of FAVORITE smoothies- great for a POWER boost!!

A GREAT way to get in your greens and it tastes really good!!!


1 cup Oat Milk (I use Oatly- you can also use Almond Milk to save on points!)

1 frozen Banana

1/2 cup frozen Fruit of choice

1 handful Spinach or Kale

Optional: 1 tablespoon Chia Powder (1sp), 1 tablespoon Goji Berry Powder (1sp (I buy these from the Thrive Market:

*THRIVE MARKET (BEST place for clean eating/healthy foods!!)

$20 in shopping credit with 1 & 12 month membership!!

or a scoop of your favorite Protein Powder (mine is the Less Naked Whey-Vanilla-

Add all ingridients to your blender and blend until smooth! ENJOY!!

without additions & using Oat Milk: 4sp (all plans)

Add all ingredients to your blender and blend until smooth! ENJOY!!

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