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Dessert Parfait

One of my favorite creations I've ever made!! Such a great, low point and delicious dessert!

3 simple ingedients and great for the entire family!! YUM!!!

Full recipe in YouTube video below!


Yogurt of choice (my favorites are Siggi's and Two Good)

1 Smart Cake (to order: and jennswwjourney gets you 10% off!!)

1sp of Whipped Topping of choice (I love the SO Delicious CocoWip)

Pick your favorite glass or dish and put 1/3 of the yogurt in the bottom. Crumble 1/3 of the Smart Cake over the yogurt. Topping with 1/3 of whipped topping and repeat! I like to sprinkle the last little bit of the Smart C

ake on top- to make it look pretty!!!! :)

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