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Turkey Pinwheel Meal Prep

Such a PERFECT lunch!! Well rounded and super filling! Easy for on the go too!

Add your favorite sides! Nuts, fruit, crackers, guac or hummus! The possibilities are endless!

Full recipe in video below!


  • 1 low carb tortilla

  • 1 Laughing Cow cheese wedge

  • 1 tablespoon light mayo

  • 3 oz deli turkey

  • 1 slice thin cheese (I used Sargento)

  • Spinach, romaine or other greens you like (about 1 handful per serving)

Add condiments: Lay your tortilla flat on a cutting board or other clean surface. Spread your condiment on first, being sure to cover the ENTIRE flatbread surface. Laughing Cow spreadable cheese wedges work really well and do not make the pinwheel soggy. You can use mayo and mustard, but your pinwheel may become soggy if it’s stored for more than 24 hours. Cream cheese also works.

Assemble pinwheel: Next, arrange your deli meat slices flat on the tortilla, covering about 2/3 of the surface. Leave about 1/3 of the tortilla covered with condiment only. Add a slice of cheese if you want, then add your greens to the middle of the flatbread forming a line from edge to edge.

Roll the pinwheel: Begin rolling the pinwheel from the meat covered side, using both hands and rolling tightly. The greens may try to escape, but just use your fingers to tuck them in as you roll.

Meal prep & serve: Cut the roll up into 5 or 6 pieces, and arrange in your meal prep container. Portion some berries and nuts to complete the meal! Prep up to 3 servings at once and store in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

1 Serving:

224 Calories *with strawberries*

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