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Italian Lettuce Wrap

Super easy and absolutely DELISH!! You won't eve miss the bread!!!

Low carb lunch that's FULL of flavor!! Add any toppings, meats and cheeses you want!!

Full recipe in video below!


2-3 Iceberg lettuce leaves

12 slices Turkey Pepperoni

6 slices Salami rounds

1 slice light Havarti

Special Sauce

  • 1 tablespoon light Mayonnaise

  • 1 tablespoon Pepperoncini Peppers, sliced

  1. In a small mixing bowl combine the mayonnaise and sliced Pepperoncini peppers, set aside.

  2. Tear a 12 inch square of wax paper to use as your base. Place 2-3 lettuce leaves in the center of the paper so they slightly overlap creating a solid barrier.

  3. Add sliced cheese in the center. Top with the Pepperoncini mayo, sliced salami and pepperoni.

  4. Use the wax paper to help you wrap it tightly like a burrito. Slice down the center when ready to eat.

1 Serving:

241 Calories

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