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Instant Pot Chicken Burrito Bowls

This all in one meal is PERFECT for a quick and easy lunch or dinner!

These bowls feature chicken, rice, beans, corn and outstanding flavor! Mexican vibes!

Full recipe in video below!


2 teaspoons Oil

1 large Onion- chopped

4 cloves Garlic- minced

1 teaspoon Oregano

2 teaspoons Chili Powder

2 teaspoons Cumin

1 3/4 cups Chicken Broth

1 1/2 pounds Chicken Breast

1 15 ounce can Black Beans- drained & rinsed

1 cup frozen Corn

1 1/2 cups Salsa

1 cup Rice- uncooked (do not use minute rice)

Dice the chicken into small chunks and season with salt and pepper.

Turn the Instant Pot to sauté, add oil. Once warmed, add onions and garlic and cook until onions are softened.

Stir in the chili powder, cumin and oregano. Let cook for about 45 seconds.

Add 1/2 a cup of the chicken broth. Let simmer about 1 minute.

Add chicken, beans, corn and salsa. Stir.

Add rice to the top and DO NOT STIR.

Pour remaining chicken broth over the rice- again DO NOT STIR. If there are some "dry" rice spots, pat them down with the back of the spoon until submerged in the liquid.

Set to manual for 10 minutes. Once done, quick release. Scoop into bowls and add your favorite toppings! Enjoy!! XO

6 Servings:

8sp (green)

4sp (blue & purple)

367 Calories

Recipe inspiration from

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