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Healthy Hamburger Helper

If you LOVE Hamburger Helper you're going to love this clean eating recipe!!

Absolutely delicious, healthy and clean! Family friendly and GREAT points & calories!!

Full recipe in YouTube video below


1 pound 93% Ground Beef

1 medium Onion- diced

8oz sliced Mushrooms

Bell Pepper- chopped

5 cloves Garlic- minced

3 cups Water

1 carrot- peeled and diced (or baby carrots)

1/4 cup Nutritional Yeast

1 teaspoon Garlic Powder

1 1/2 teaspoons Salt

1/4 teaspoon Pepper

8 ounces Fiber Gourmet Pasta (to order:

2 tablespoons Arrowroot Powder (or cornstarch)

Preheat Instant Pot using saute. Spray with nonstick cooking spray.

Add mushrooms. onion, peppers an garlic. Cook until soft- about 3 minutes. Add in ground beef and cook through.

While the meat and veggies are cooking, combine water, carrots, nutritional yeast, garlic powder, salt & pepper in a blender and pulse until liquid.

Pour the liquid into the meat mixture and stir to combine. Add pasta. Stir. Put the lid on and move the dial to seal. Set on manual, high for 6 minutes.

When cooked and beeping, do a quick release. Add arrowroot powder and stir to combine and until thickens. Enjoy!

4 Servings:

7sp (all plans)

4sp (purple if using zero point pasta)


Recipe inspiration from Instant Loss Cookbook (to order:

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